Social Media Marketing

Social media influencers are changing the traditional business.

Businesses in China cannot afford to ignore the popularity and importance of social media to promote their products and services. Businesses are rapidly learning the advantage of partnering with social media influencers to showcase their brands.

We offer the services in this area:

 – Account Setup & Verification​
 – Content Creation​
 – Integrated Marketing
 – Social Media Campaigns​
 – Follower Engagement​
 – Paid Advertising​
 – Data Monitoring​ – 
– KOL/Influencer Marketing​

The Process

We follow seven steps when creating a social media marketing strategy.


Defining Your Objectives

As a first step, we define your KPIs to set clear goals for your social media marketing strategy and the concluding success measurement.


Defining Your Target Audience

The next step is to define the demographic and geographic data of your target group.


Analyzing Your Competition

To plan an outstanding strategy, we first analyze the online presence of your competitors and outline the marketing measures they already have implemented.


Choosing the Best Platforms

Depending on your target audience, we provide a detailed analysis of your social media presence and support you choose the right platforms to reach your audience.


Creating Content

We inform you about different formats to use for posting your content (e.g. carousel posts, stories, etc.). You can also take advantage of our content creation services.


Success Monitoring

To see the outcomes, we observe and report on the effects of the newly introduced social media strategies.


Nest Steps

As a last step, we discuss the next steps that need to be taken for the success of your social media channels.