China Marketing Strategy Consultation

Start from ChinaKOL, Feasible and Actionable Plans. 

In the new market, detailed and well-planned China Business strategy is key to your China business setup and growth, especially when entering a market as unique and complex as China.

As a leader in strategic consulting, ChinaKOL delivers expansion solutions for businesses seeking to break into the Chinese market. We help to inform your business strategy and support you during each stage of your expansion into China. 

Through the work of our advisory specialists, we guide your China expansion with customized market analysis and intelligence. We also offer targeted consumer research, feasibility studies, and market evaluations pertinent to your area of expansion.

Additionally, ChinaKOL assists your business to implement a strategic business plan that encompasses your short-term and long-term expansion goals. During this process, we help you to identify a realistic procurement strategy that best suits the needs of your business.


Our functional expertise

 – Branding

 – Consumer Insights

 – Strategy Planning

 – Localization

 – E-Commerce

 – Marketing and Sales

 – Chinese Digital Marketing

The Process

We follow seven steps when creating a new China Strategy


Defining Your Objectives

As a first step, we define clear goals for your China market strategy and the concluding success measurement.


Defining Your Target Market

Assistance in identifying your target market in China. We help you to determine your target market size and growth potential in your desired location of Chinese expansion.


Market Analysis

Full-scale market analysis that identifies growth potential, customer profiles, levels of competition, and economic variables.


Planning your entry strategy

Formulating your company’s entry strategy to China. This includes your channel strategy, brand positioning, pricing model, and unique value propositions.


Creating operational models

Creating your organizational and operational models for your China operations. 


Feasibility analysis procedures.

Our China expansion strategists partner with you to determine the best value proposal for your extension into China.


Action Plan 

Drafting a realistic action plan on which to measure success whilst in China and long-term measures that allow your business to grow.